Products handled


Touching the impression when you pick it up indefinitely.
We aim to deliver pleasure to customers and provide high-quality services that can empathize new "glow" at customer's stage.


Ring size change ¥3,240〜 etc.

For repair we estimate each.

 Handled brands 

With the arm of the wearing person, we can continue to carve the moment "time", and we can inherit that "hour" from child to grandchild. I will firmly support you so that you can associate with that watch for decades.


Battery replacement ¥1,000〜 etc.

For repair we estimate each.

 Handled brands 

To find new glasses that fit you shining lovely.
If you are eyeglasses, Mizuguchi, cutting edge eyeglasses are available in abundance. We are waiting for customers visiting us.


Lens replacement ¥5,400〜 etc.

For repair we estimate each.

 Handled brands 
Matsusaka cow leather "Satori"

Leather accessories using Matsusaka cattle leather which is famous as Japanese brand name cattle.
Matsusaka Cow Leather 's "Satori" series embodying the gloss and style of the leather, and "Satori Natural" series pursuing ease by using Matsusaka Cow Leather only for the surface material has been developed in two lineup.

Kosyuinden Inden-ya

"Inden-ya" is a carrier who conveys rare Japanese leather craft culture.
While keeping the sensitivity and tradition of the Japanese who are naturally hearted, we continue to make things that are transmitted to people's minds.

Repair / Maintenance

In order to use goods of your feelings forever,
Repair and maintenance are also accepted.


Watches  Battery replacement ¥1000~

      Repair each estimate


Jewelry   Resizing ¥3240~

      Repair   ¥3240~

      Shine · Cleaning ¥1080~


Glasses    Lens replacement ¥5400~

        Repair / adjustment ¥540~

Please leave MIZUGUCHI for jewelry.