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Shiraishi of the Ouchiyama River finished carefully and carefully putting in pieces one by one, products born from Mikami cedar of over 300 age tree of Ise Shrine, also born with the theme of "The best of coolest" as the theme We are aiming to make products filled with a lot of hearts and people's hearts such as Bellissimo.


Holy place Oku Ise where God is settled

The treasure "Oshiraishi" which was cleansed by the flow of the clear stream Ouchiyama River,
One by one,
It finished with warm and handmade.

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Limited number of "Miyama cedar".
This product is the joy and good fortune that Miki brings,
I was born with the desire to want to sort out as much as possible to the many people.
For amulets, it is recommended for one point accessories.

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Coolest superlative.
More myself ...
Silver accessories made by a silver artist handmade fully custom made

(made by SV 925) "Bellissimo"
We will customize your watch.

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